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You can ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal data offered by Rawan cake Website as it makes sure the strict confidentiality towards any other party, except the government bodies if required.


·         · All the content offered on the site, including but not limited to, the text, drawings, logos, buttons, codes, images, audio clips, classifications of data and software, all gathered under the (content) shall be the property of Rawan Cake and may not be copied or used without the prior written consent of the company.

·         · Trademarks, logos and service brands offered on the site (collectively, “Trademarks”) are brands registered to Rawan and its affiliated companies, partners or holders of its license in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries and are protected by the Trademarks Laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the international laws.

·          · No part of the site may be used, copied, reproduced, sold, resold, accessed, amended or otherwise exploited in a whole or in part for any purpose without the prior written consent of the company.


·         - Rawan Cake content is defined as drawings and images, including all images, audios, music and videos and the audio or text on this site, and Rawan seeks to ensure the correctness and accuracy of the information contained in this site unless it is not possible.

·         - The comments are subject to supervision and approved before the publication and Rawan Cake reserves its right not to publish or remove any unsuitable or illegal comment without consulting with the commentator

·          - If you have any remark or complaint on any post or content revealed in the site, please contact us by email on info@ rawancake.jo or call us on the unified number 06-5500010.  info@rawancake.jo    06-5500010


When you visit Rawancake.jo, the site saves a cookie file in the internet explorer in your system, whether the computer or mobile and the cookie obtain a file containing identification data to differentiate you from the other for one of the following purposes: :

·          · Storing the personal data that you register yourself on the site to be available upon your requests, such as your email and your location link. .

·          · Identifying you when visiting again the site..

·         · Helping you to obtain the available messages or services as soon as possible based on your previous preferences. .

·           rawancake.jo  · Rawancake.jo does not disclose the identification files of the visitor to any third party, except those mentioned here in the Privacy Policy, unless required by a legal measure, such as search warrant, summoning warrant, legitimate law or a court order. .

·          · When you use the internet explorer for the first time, you will find in most cases that the configuration options accept the cookie files and you may change it in your browser to make it refuse all the cookie files or warn you when the cookie files are sent to you or allow or refuse this as per your desire. .


·          · When accessing this page of Rawan Cake website, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions of the website before making any purchase operation. .

·          · Rawan Cake website represents a site designed to display, market and sell the products and services of Rawan Cake and serve its customers and communicate with them..

·           · In case of online payment, all data entered must be accurate to ensure that your order is not delayed.

·           · Rawan Cake ensures the security and confidentiality of your personal data offered by Rawan Website towards any other party, except the government bodies, if required..

·          · When making payment on the site in any mean available, all those who made a purchase with a credit card, prepaid payment card or any other payment card shall authorize Rawan Cake to withdraw the total amount of the product or products bought, including the government taxes.

·          · When confirming the purchase of any of the products, you allow Rawan Cake to investigate – through a third party – your account and the sufficiency of your balance and the last movements of your credit card to verify your identity and the safety of your payment ooperation.

·          . Rawan may use the information you provided to make proper investigations for anti-fraud and the competent agency may keep a record for this information. .

·          · Rawan reserves its right to make any changes to the service conditions as per our own discretion and as we see fit..

·          · Upon accessing and/or using the site, you agree to adhere to the conditions of use that were changed and any changes made after you make an order, it will not affect the order unless we are obliged to make the change under the law.



·          · When making a purchase order on Rawan Cake website, you are purchasing the product for the said price, which is subject to these conditions, knowing that all prices include the value-added tax.

·           · All orders are subject to approval and availability of the product and the user of the site may not claim any compensation if his order cannot be fulfilled or the product bought is not available and may recover the payment made minus any administrative fees for the electronic payment portal or his credit account at the bank that issued the card. .


Rawan Cake offers various payment methods, including payment upon delivery and through the credit cards, direct payment cards as well as through E-Fawatercom


As per the applicable law in the company, time period, storage conditions and this clause are subject to a continuous update.


Rawan Cake reserves its right to adopt any minor or major amendment to the privacy policy from time to time without the need to make a notice in this respect, and if you wish to continue using the site after entering amendments to the privacy policy, it means that you agree to these amendments. .


The user of the portal hereby agrees to be subject exclusively to the judicial authorities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in relation to the claims and disputes that may arise from the use of this site (www.rawancake.jo), knowing that the Arabic language is the official language used to solve any disputes arising from its use or any of its contents.  (www.rawancake.jo)  .


For any orders or questions relating to the products or services, such as shipment and delivery or the complaints and suggestions, please email us at info@rawancake.jo, or you may call us on 06-5500010 during business hours.info@rawancake.com